Who are we?

Pharmacists without Borders (FuG) launched in November 2015 the integration project Farmaceutkompis (Pharmacist Friend).

FuG contacted different players in the pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry and there were many who liked the idea and wanted to help find or become a friend! Farmaceutkompis is in contact with newly arrived academics that are in need of a friend to aid in their quest for license to work in their field, graduation, professional network and employment.

- Sweden is in dire need to utilize the knowledge and work force that has in fluxed to the country in recent times. We hope that this initiative will inspire other professions to take similar actions in order to prevent isolation, enable integration and to contribute to a more sustainable society, says Sten Olsson, Chairman of Pharmacists without Borders Sweden.

This is how Farmaceutkompis works

1. You register easily to Farmaceutkompis here on our website.
2. After having submitted your registration, you will receive a confirmation email within a week with more information.
3. You will then be matched with a friend who has similar interests and you will both get an email with each other contact details and more information.
4. You should arrange for your first meeting within 3 weeks and confirm the date of the meeting with Farmaceutkompis.
5. The friend pairs decide for themselves how often to meet and what to do together, but the requirements are that there should be a minimum of two meetings/month for a six-month period.
6. Farmaceutkompis will also arrange joint activities for all friends, such as workplace visits, museum visits etc.
7. As a support to the matched pair there are regional coordinators from Farmaceutkompis available if you need any advice. Contact details for these persons are found here on our website

In Gothenburg we work closely with the mentor program Öppet Hus who is supporting young adults aged 17-30 years from foreign background. Sign up with us here at Farmaceutkompis and we will make sure that your application is matched with either a friend from Farmaceutkompis, or a person from Öppet Hus, depending on your profile and where the needs are right now.

If you have more questions about Farmaceutkompis don’t hesitate to contact us at farmaceutkompis@fug.se!

Our Partners

Farmaceutkompis cover a large part of the pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry; this aids us in finding suitable established Friends as well as newly arrived who want support from an established friend.

There are no financial obligations to be a partner - through collaboration with partners we can simply reach more people who have an interest in being matched with a friend. In addition, we may together organize joint events, such as workplace visits, lectures about the Swedish pharmacy world/pharmaceutical industry etc.

In the long run, you can make contacts for internships etc. Sky is the limit on what can be attained from these matched friendships.

Why be an official partner? We believe it can be a great strength and benefit that the whole pharmacy / pharmaceutical industry of Sweden stand behind this project and that there is no competition between different players and initiatives.

For us, it is very important to be able to spread the awareness of Farmaceutkompis and recruit new friends, which we can do with the help of our partners.